Best Smart LED Light Bulb Kits in 2021

Android Central 2021: Best Smart LED Light Bulb kitsSmart lighting is a great way to get familiar with smart homes, learn how they work, and see how simple and easy it is to control them from your smartphone. A single bulb can be used to replace an older one, but you could also opt for a starter kit, such as the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starting Kit. This is one of the most affordable smart LED bulbs, and comes with three bulbs and a hub. Some starter kits include a bridge or hub if you need it for smart connectivity. Others come with additional items that can be used as part of your smart lighting system.Source: AmazonThis kit has all the features you need in a starter kit for smart lighting. The Sengled Smart Hub comes with three LED bulbs. However, it can also be used with compatible smart hubs such as Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa devices that have built-in hubs. This kit also includes a smart switch you can mount to your wall. You can control the lights from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. You can choose from over 16 million colors and whites. The color temperature range is from 2,000K to 6,500K. The lights will automatically switch to the previous setting when you turn them on again, making it ideal for home offices. Once you are ready to expand your system, you can set up scenes and routines and connect up 64 bulbs to one hub. The pros: Three bulbs includedThere are many ways to controlMore than 16,000,000 colors Cons: A hub is requiredNot compatible with Apple HomeKitThe best Sengled Smart Bulbs A19 Starter kit Controllable lighting in all rooms. This starter kit includes three bulbs, a hub and 16 million colors. It also comes with a smart switch. Amazon: $53Best Buy: $70Simpler is better: Sengled SmartLED BR30 Starter KitSource: AmazonThis basic smart lighting kit includes three smart LED bulbs and the Sengled Smart hub that is required to connect. You can control the lights remotely via a 2.4GHz connection. The Sengled Home app on iOS and Android allows you to set up schedules so that the lights turn on automatically at 11 p.m. every night. You can also have them turn on intermittently while on vacation so your neighbors know you are home. This kit is not as good as the other options. You get only white bulbs but you get a broad spectrum of those colors. If you want to add other bulbs to the system, there are 64 Sengled smart led bulbs that can be connected to each hub. You can control lighting using a smartphone or tablet. If you have a compatible smart device, you can also use your voice to control it. Pros: Includes smart hubSet schedulesVoice controlThree bulbs included.Only whitesThis kit is best for beginners. It includes three bulbs and a hub. Amazon: $75The Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit is the best for expanding functionalitySource: Philips HuePhilips Hue is known for its superior smart lighting products. This starter kit will help you get to know the brand and give you the opportunity to explore more advanced options. This kit is a great choice if you need to add additional lighting to your home. The bulbs provide soft white lighting through four Energy Star-certified bulbs. They can be used with most lamps, overhead lights and 4-inch recessed cans. It can control up to 50 lights using the Philips Hue Bridge included. You can control it using the Philips Hue app for Android or iOS devices. Voice commands are also possible using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. IFTTT and compatible smart devices can also be used. These bulbs won't give you colors, but they are a good start to get colored bulbs. These bulbs can be used with Hue motion sensors and dimmers. Pros: Includes smart hubExpandable easilyVoice controlAlexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit compatibility ConsOnly whitesThe best for expanding Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit. Add up to 50 lights or other Hue gear such as motion sensors and dimmers to your setup. Amazon: $80Best Buy: $100Ideal for Ring Owners: Ring A19 SmartLED Bulb Starter KitSource: RingPopular company Ring is known for its smart security cameras and video doorbells. This starter kit works seamlessly with any Ring device in your home. To enable smart features, the kit includes two bulbs and the Ring Bridge. You can control your lights remotely from your phone via the Ring app. Schedules can be set and you will receive notifications. The settings are easy to configure and modify. They also have a long life span of up to 25.000 hours. They can be controlled by voice using Amazon Alexa enabled devices. You can group them with other Ring devices to control all of your Ring devices from one app. Con: Simple setupSet schedulesVoice controlThe Cons of Alexa Compatibility: It's best if you have another Ring deviceNot compatible with Google AssistantRing owners will love the Ring A19 SmartLED Bulb Starter Kit. This smart light kit can control everything using one app. Amazon: $60AduroSmart ERIALED Smart Bulbs are the best for reproducing sunlightSource: AduroSmartIt's hard to imagine a home without natural light, or at the very least one that mimics it. This kit contains two A19 LED bulbs and the hub necessary for smart control. You can control the lights with the AduroSmart App, which is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can control the brightness and turn the lights on or off using your smartphone. You can save and adjust your preferred lighting scenes as well as timers, schedules, and more with the 10-W, 800-lumen bulbs. The lights can replicate sunrise to sunset, which is what makes them stand out. To get the most out of your lights, set dawn and dusk timers so that they turn on at sunset and off at dawn. Your day will remain bright and vibrant, all year round, without you wasting energy. Pros: Includes smart hubSunrise/sunsetCompatibility with IFTTTCompatibility between Alexa and Google Assistant: Hub requiredApple HomeKit is not supportedTwo bulbsAduroSmart LED Smart Bulbs are best for replicating sunlight AduroSmart LED Smart Bulbs Leverage natural sunlight. These smart lights can intelligently turn on at sunset and off at dawn to mimic natural light. Amazon: $80Walmart: $100Home Depot: $80Philips Hue 3-Bulb Starter Set is the best for setting the moodSource: PhilipsYou can set the right mood whether you are looking to relax while reading, watching a horror movie or getting ready for a big party with your friends. The kit comes with three multicolor bulbs, a hub and a dimmer. You can dim or brighten more than 16,000,000 colors by simply pressing a button, using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit-compatible devices. Variable lumen output allows you to adjust the lighting level without the need to adjust the dimmer switch manually. You can choose from a variety of colors and intensities to find the right light for any occasion, mood or activity. You can even create your own scenes to suit events such as a date night or big game. You can control the device from your smartphone via the app, just like the rest. It is compatible with Nest SmartThings and Samsung SmartThings as well as IFTTT. Pros: It comes with a hub and dimmer switchesLighting can be used to set the moodVoice control Cons: Hub requiredExpensivePhilips Hue 3-Bulb Set the Right Mood Philips Hue Starter Kit is the best for setting the mood. Choose from 16,000,000 colors and shades to match everything, from reading to relaxing to partying. Best Buy $150Easy to set up: C by GE Direct Connect Light BulbsSource: GE LightingThese bulbs can be used together without the need for an additional hub or bridge. They can be connected directly to a Google Home smart phone via Wi-Fi. No hub or bridge is required. For voice control, you can connect to Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit devices. Cync's mobile app can be used to control your bulbs from anywhere you are. You can choose from two to four different white intensities: warm, amber (2000K) or cool, bluish (7000K). This allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your event, mood, and natural light level. These bulbs can be used where 60W A19 incandescent bulbs would normally be used. You can create custom schedules, set scenes and control the lights individually or in groups. According to GE, they use 84% less energy and last 15 times as long as incandescent bulbs. There is no need for a hub or bridge.Connect directly to Alexa and Google HomeVoice controlCons of home control: Only whitesThese smart bulbs are ideal for simple setup. Amazon: $16 (2-Pack).Best Buy: $50