Dracula Comedy Renfield Nicholas Hoult Joins Universal Monsters

Hes played J.R.R. He was the X-Mens Beast and Tolkien. We all saw him in Mad Max Fury Road. Nicholas Hoult will now star in Chris McKay's Dracula-adjacent Universal Monster movie Renfield, adding yet another genre to his impressive resume.AdvertisementProbably the most famous portrayals of Renfield (so far) can be found in 1931's Dracula (where hes played by legendary character actor Dwight Frye) and 1992's Bram Stokers Dracula, in which director Francis Ford Coppola cast esteemed musician and occasional weird-guy actor Tom Waits as the vampires confined-to-an-asylum, snacking-on-bugs-and-grubs familiar. McKay's new project (The Tomorrow War, The Lego Batman Movie), which we first heard of in late 2019, will focus on the characters humor, so Hoult can show off his horror-comedy skills. The Hollywood Reporter has the casting news.Back in May, The Walking Deads Robert Kirkmanwho came up with Renfields story and is co-producingdescribed it as a story about [Renfield] being Draculas henchman and how shitty a job that is. It's a funny, violent comedy because Ive got to have a crutch. And its violence. Renfield is both part of a growing number of Dracula-themed movies and Universal's growing array monster movies. The latter was inspired by Universal's own classics following The Invisible Man, which was a successful remake of the failed Dark Universe. Invisible Man director Leigh Whannells take against The Wolfman stars Ryan Gosling; Dark Army (2016's Ghostbusters); Charlies Angels Elizabeth Banks Invisible Woman film; and Karyn Kusamas Dracula which, given Universals preference for standalone stories, probably won't be tied to Renfield.There is no casting news yet for Renfield. Perhaps, the Big Bloodsucker will also appear along with other familiar suspects like Van Helsing or Mina Harker?but we'll keep you informed as soon as we find out. What are your thoughts about Renfield? Are you a fan of Hoult? Comment below!Are you curious about where our RSS feed went. The new one can be found here.