Premier League: Players from all 20 clubs will continue to take the knee

Last update on.From section FootballPremier League players kneeling in solidarity with Black Lives MatterAll 20 Premier League players say that they will continue to kneel as a symbol for their unity against racism.Premier League members "wholeheartedly support” the decision.Players and match officials will wear a 'No Room for Racism' badge on their shirts.On Friday, 13 August, Arsenal hosts newly promoted Brentford in the opening match of the season.Brentford, who had been participating in the gesture since February, announced that they would not be taking part anymore as West London club felt it was losing its impact.It is understood that Brentford players are willing to participate.Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zha stated earlier this year that players should stand tall and that taking the knee is "degrading".After the Premier League's 100-day suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic of June 2020, players began taking the knees in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.The players released a statement saying that they felt it was important to continue to kneel as a symbol for unity against racism."We are resolutely committed towards our singular goal of eliminating racial prejudice wherever that exists, in order to create a global society of inclusion and respect for all."Richard Masters, Premier League chief executive said that they will continue to work with players, clubs and partners in order to achieve "tangible change" to eliminate "inequality" from football.After England's defeat in the Euro 2020 penalty shootout by Italy, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho were online racially abusing Bukayo Saka.In the lead-up to the tournament, England players took to the knees in booing.