NASA Rover Finds Ancient Stone Arch on Martian Surface

"I'll let the scientists explain the hell that is happening here.Arch NemesisNASA's Curiosity rover discovered something on Mars that can only be described scientifically as amazing: A small, naturally-formed stone arch located in Gale Crater.The arch can be seen in NASA's official photo repository. However, NASA-JPL engineer Kevin M. Gill merged the images to give you a better view of this strange formation.He said that scientists would have to tell me the truth.I'll leave it up to the scientists to explain what the hell is going on here@MarsCuriosity ChemCam RMI, Sol 3190 Kevin M. Gill (@kevinmgill) July 28, 2021AdvertisementAdvertisementRock onDo you think the arch could be evidence of an ancient Martian civilizationIt's almost certain. It is not hard to imagine that Mars would have arches like the Earth's.NASA's latest discovery would require alien architects to be very small. CNET notes that NASA's entire field of view measures only half a foot. This means that NASA's arch is extremely tiny.READ MORE: NASA's rover spots a whimsical rock arch on Mars, defying dust and wind [CNET]AdvertisementAdvertisementMore Mars: Elon Musk Demands to be made CEO of Apple