AG: Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, broke state and federal law

Kim stated Tuesday that all of them were subject to harassing conduct by the governor. Some were subject to unwanted touching or grabbing of their most intimate parts. Some were subject to repeated sexually suggestive or gender-based comments. Several of them experienced both. They didn't like it and found it offensive, humiliating and incontinenting. Now we know that it was illegal sex-based harassment. James stated that the release of the report was the end of her office's involvement. He said that it was up to the state Legislature and prosecutors to pursue criminal and political consequences for Governor Cuomo's actions. The Assembly has already initiated an impeachment investigation, and Albany police are believed to be investigating an allegation by Cuomo that he groped an aide. These disturbing findings are contained in the report. It is heart-wrenching to read the details of the victims. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie stated in a statement that our hearts go out for all those who have suffered this terrible experience. This report would show that the Governor's conduct is unacceptable. Now, we will examine the report and the corresponding exhibits together with the Assembly counsels and the legal firm that we have retained to assist. James stated that while the report paints a disturbing but clear picture of governors actions, it is civil in nature and doesn't have any criminal consequences" though she indicated that other prosecutors would be able to pursue criminal charges. Clark stated that Clark believes that the Albany Police Department has already created a report on the incident involving the young woman whose breasts were groped. The report contains all the details. Any prosecutors or police department can review the evidence and decide if they will pursue further action. If they wish to file a civil action, the women have the power to decide. Over 74,000 documents were collected, 41 interviews were conducted, 41 of which were sub oath. The final report detailed the allegations made by 11 individuals, one Cuomos state trooper and one Cuomos protective detail trooper. Kim stated that they were not isolated incidents but were part of a larger pattern. Clark stated that investigators found all 11 women credible, with different degrees of corroboration. James stated that I believe in women and that I believe in these 11 women. James stated that top Cuomo staffers were also accused of creating a culture fear and intimidation in the Cuomo administration. They also failed to report harassment complaints as required by state policy. Clark, Kim, and James highlighted the testimony of many staffers in order to show the disturbing pattern of conduct that pervaded executive chamber. According to the report, Alyssa McGrath, an executive assistant, said that it is difficult to describe every inappropriate incident. He treats all of this creepy and inappropriate behavior as normal, and you shouldn't complain. However, you will see people being punished and shouted at if they disagree with him or his top aides. I just wanted to get to work, be recognized for my work, and that was all that mattered to me. Cuomo has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. In recent weeks, Cuomo's top staff began to portray the investigation and the lawyers involved as politically motivated. James criticized this on Tuesday. James stated that there were attempts to politicize and undermine this investigation. It was offensive to me that there were also attacks on other members of the team. Clark stated Tuesday that Cuomos eleven-hour testimony last Wednesday was a time when the governor tried to spin some of the allegations, while rejecting others. Clark stated that Clark denied touching the state trooper. However, he claimed he may have kissed her at an occasion and that he did hug her multiple times. Clark also said that Clark was the one who initiated the hugs. Cuomos will be resurrected by calls for his immediate resignation, or, if Cuomo refuses, his impeachment. Cuomo's fellow Democrats, which includes both the U.S. senators and state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cuousins, along with more than 50 of their legislative colleagues, called for Cuomo's resignation several months ago amid harassment allegations against him. Biden stated that Cuomo must resign if allegations are proven to be true by the attorney general's report. He told ABCs George Stephanopoulos that he believes hell will be prosecuted as well. Since several months, the state Assemblys Judiciary Committee is considering impeachment articles. The committee is investigating a variety of allegations, including sexual harassment and accusations that state workers were hired to assist him in writing American Crisis, his pandemic memoir. He was paid $5.1million for this work. Cuomo stated before the scandals broke, that he plans to run for a fourth term as governor in 2022. James stated that Cuomo's decision to resign or not is a political issue and that we would allow the chips to fall as they may. This report represents a turning point in Cuomos' political career. His Emmy Award-winning daily news conference and New Yorks status as the epicenter of the viral epidemic Cuomos pandemic, helped him rise to prominence in the fight against Covid-19. However, his reputation began to fade in 2021. Legislators, journalists, and Albany watchdogs have been pressing the administration to release a complete accounting of Covid-related long-term care facility deaths, including those in nursing homes who died after being transferred into hospitals. This data point was not released by the state Health Department as part of its daily Covid mortality data. The administration's data was the subject of many questions throughout 2020 in Albany. A public records battle for the information continued until James published a late January report in which he accused the state of severely undercounting coronavirus death in nursing homes. Cuomo tried to save his Covid reputation, focusing on the state's vaccine rollout while also negotiating a new budget for the state. But soon, Cuomo was at the center of another scandal, this time over sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior. Lindsey Boylan was a former Cuomo employee and the state economic development agency. She accused the governor of kissing her without her consent and asking for strip poker. Two months ago, Boylan had made similar claims about the governor on Twitter. Boylan's claims were denied by Cuomos office. Charlotte Bennett, who started working for the state in March 2020, made new allegations against the governor on February 27. The governor was confronted by new allegations from Charlotte Bennett, who began working for the state in March 2020. James and Cuomos reached an agreement about how to investigate sexual harassment claims against him. As New York celebrated the one-year anniversary of its first Covid case, allegations against Cuomo continued to mount. Anna Ruch claimed that Cuomo made an inappropriate advance at a wedding. Ana Liss, a policy- and operations aide to Cuomo, said that Cuomo had asked her about a boyfriend and called her her sweetheart. She also told The Wall Street Journal that Cuomo had touched her lower back at receptions and once kissed her hand when it was time to rise. Karen Hinton worked as a press assistant for Cuomo in the 1990s, when he was U.S. housing secretary. She told the Post that Cuomo invited Hinton to his hotel room when she was working as consultant in 2000 and that Cuomo embraced her in an intimate way that she claimed was too long, too tight and too intimate during a late 2020 encounter at Cuomo's mansion. On March 11, Albany legislators pledged to launch an investigation into Governor Cuomo's conduct. This was the first step towards impeachment. Cuomo, however, pulled away from the public eye and announced Covid-related updates via press releases or closed events. This was a stark contrast to the daily briefings that he launched one year ago. As new questions surround Cuomo's pandemic memoir, clouds continued to gather over Cuomo this spring amid reports of a broad-based federal investigation. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reported on March 4 that Cuomo's administration had rewrote a Department of Health Report to hide the true death toll from the pandemic at long-term care facilities. This contradicted public statements made by his allies. According to financial records, the Assemblys Judiciary Committee started looking into the book deal in May. The state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli also gave James authority to investigate claims about the book deal. This includes the possibility that he may have used taxpayer funds to write it. He also stated that James doesn't need to be referred by his office in order to conduct a criminal probe into Cuomos handling Covid-19 in nursing home. Cuomo’s top staffers have all been questioned during the probe. They have tried to undermine the legitimacy of it by constantly claiming to reporters and to Twitter that James is using it for her political ambitions. James has not stated publicly that she intends to run for governor. Neither have the two independent investigators she hired. Shortly after James reportedly answered questions under oath by two investigators, Cuomo publicly challenged the credibility of James' lawyers. Cuomo stated that he was concerned about the independence of the reviewers during a press conference at Yankee Stadium in July. This all happens in a political system? It is undeniable.


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