AOC Says Simone Biles Taking Her Olympics Break Was Good on All Fronts

Did She Do What was RightWatch video content at TMZ.comRep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is praising Simone Biles for hitting the pause on the Olympics and returning when she was ready. She says that it sets a new standard in professional athletes.AOC explained what Simone's week meant big picture-wise when she was brought to Capitol Hill Tuesday morning. Simone seems to have set a precedent, she said. Athletes don't have compete first regardless of what.She says that their well-being is just the same, if perhaps more important than anyone else's, and should be treated accordingly.It appears that this is the case. The proof is in what happened with SB, who returned Monday to compete in the balance beam final... and was awarded a Bronze medal. This makes the case stronger for the congresswoman -- Simone stepped aside just as she needed it, and it worked out in the end for all, including Team USA.AOC says this is a significant step in mental health advocacy. Simone has led the charge yet again, but perhaps in a more meaningful manner.It will be interesting to see whether other pros follow Simone's lead, and if so, Rep. Ocasio Cortez -- who believes that performance shouldn't come before oneself.