GLAAD Calls for Accountability After Matt Damon's Homophobic Slur Remarks

Matt Damon's homophobic F-slur controversy has drawn a firm response by a leading voice within the LGBT community. Its response is simple: everyone should get that word out of your vocabulary, period. GLAAD has spoken on the controversies this week regarding Damon's use of it and whether he just retired it. Damon now clarifies, saying that he didn't retire it because he hasn't hurled it towards anyone. But to GLAAD, the debate is irrelevant because the endgame is the same. A representative for the non-profit told TMZ... "The conversations which have arisen following Matt Damons initial interview and subsequent remarks today serve as an important reminder that this term, or any other word that aims at disparaging and disrespecting LGBTQ people, has no proper place in mainstream media and social media. They also stated that "anti-LGBTQ slurs" are still rampant and can fuel discrimination, stereotypes, and even defamation of LGBTQ people by others outside the community. This last part is very interesting. They seem to suggest that Matt even using the word in a joke could be harmful, even though it was not hurled at someone as an epithet. GLAAD's main point is to... STOP saying it. Matt, as we said, addressed what most people thought he was saying during his interview with Sunday Times. He stated that he had nixed the phrase from his lexicon after one of his daughters called. That is how it came out from the quote that he attributed.


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