Jessica Springsteen, daughter of rock legend Bruce Springsteen, fails to qualify for equestrian individual jumping final at Tokyo Olympics

KAMIYOGA Japan -- Jessica Springsteen was unsuccessful in Tokyo alone. Maybe she will do better with a band. Patti Scialfa (the wife of Bruce Springsteen) failed to qualify for Tuesday's Olympic individual jumping finals at Tokyo Equestrian Park. The 29-year old's Olympic debut was a success on the 14-jump track. However, her horse became uneasy around the 11th obstacle and she earned four penalty points for knocking over a rail. She was placed on the bubble of the field of 73 horses and qualified for the final. About an hour after she rode, she was officially eliminated. She will ride again Friday night in America's four-rider entry for the jumping team event. She said, "All in all I'm thrilled by the round and I'm excited to the rest of the week." Jessica Springsteen will be riding again Friday night in America's four-rider entry for the jumping team event. Carolyn Kaster/AP Springsteen learned to ride horses on the family's Colts Neck horse farm, New Jersey. She was an alternate at the London Games 2012, but she didn't take part. For the past two years, she's been riding Don Juan van de Donkhoeve (12-year-old) -- he answers perfectly to Don -- around 2 years. They arrived in Tokyo ranked 14th worldwide. They raced around a jumping track with a Japanese-inspired feel. Obstacles were decorated with sumo wrestlers, geishas, cherry blossoms, and even a miniature replica of a Japanese palace. Springsteen is a rare celebrity in equestrian, despite not being a household name. Springsteen has been the focus of almost all mainstream media coverage about equestrian in America during the Games. About a dozen Bruce Springsteen Japan Facebook members gathered on the ground to support the riders. The attention has been kept away from the rider. U.S. Equestrian has declined requests to interview her one-on-one. Questions at Monday's news conference were blocked by her public relations team in order to keep her family name from being mentioned. On Tuesday, reporters in the mixed zone were told not to ask Springsteen's family members. A U.S. Equestrian staffer grabbed Springsteen and escorted her away when she asked about her childhood riding experiences. The Boss's daughter is not the first to race an Olympic track, which is no surprise considering the sport's financial difficulties. Results The 1976 Montreal Games eventing competition saw Princess Anne representing Britain. Zara Tindall, her daughter, jumped in London in 2012. Georgina Bloomberg is the daughter of Michael Bloomberg, a former New York City mayor. She has jumped at London in 2012. Another billionaire relative was represented in this year's field -- Egypt's Nayel Nassar, the son-in law of Bill Gates. Gates posted on Instagram, "I support many athletes at the Tokyo Olympics right now." "But my son-in law Nayel Nassar is the athlete I support most. Nayel, good luck!


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