Scottish stadiums will allow 5,000 fans without prior permission

Last update on.From section ScottishClubs can host 5,000 fans with no prior permission starting MondayScottish stadiums can host at least 5,000 people starting 9 August. However, clubs need to apply to their local authority to host more.First minister Nicola Sturgeon declared that the outdoor event limit has been increased from 2000 to 2,000 as part of a relaxation of Coronavirus rules.After receiving approval from local councils, some clubs have hosted over 5,000 spectators every year since 19 July.Ms. Sturgeon also stated that the application process for larger events will continue.According to the first minister, the move would provide assurances to the Scottish Government that all events are safe and that the application process will be stopped "for a short period".The Scottish government is considering the introduction of vaccine passports to allow access to higher-risk events.The first minister said that they don't underestimate the "ethical and equity and human rights issues" of checks and that their use would be limited.What can clubs do to attract more fans?Clubs have been asking their local councils to allow them to host more than the legal limit since 19 July. The limit will increase to 5,000 starting Monday.To prove that they keep spectators safe, they must submit an operation and risk assessment.Clubs must show that they have considered the possible impact of a Covid-19 epidemic on their locality, as well as the pressures on transport systems and the possibility of large numbers of people travelling from other parts of the country to attend the event.Importantly, applicants must show that they can host an event safely. Clubs who have had their applications approved are likely be in a strong place.