Where a Vast Global Vaccination Program Went Wrong

In June, Covid-19 was causing a surge in deaths in Africa. 100,000 doses Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines arrived in Chad. This delivery was a clear sign that the United Nations-backed program for immunization could deliver the best vaccines to the poorest countries. But, five weeks later, Chad's health minister stated that 94,000 doses had not been used.Nearby, in Benin, only 267 shots per day were being administered. This was a slow pace that saw 110,000 doses of AstraZeneca expire. According to confidential July documents, the program monitored at least nine African countries, where it stated that doses meant for the poor were in danger of spoiling this year.The immunization program is struggling to overcome months of mistakes and failures. This is why the vaccine pileup was created.Covax was a program that was known as a global powerhouse. It was a multibillion dollar alliance of international health organizations and non-profits that would ensure that the poor receive vaccines at the same time as the wealthy.