Simone Biles Earns Bronze In Olympics Return, 'Means More Than All Of The Golds'

Play video content NBC Simone Biles made history Tuesday, overcoming a week of problems to win the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. She was elated about it afterwards. Biles, who competed in the balance beam finals again after she had to withdraw from previous Games gymnastics events because of a mental block, scored 14.00. She says that this medal is more important than any of her first-place awards. The 24-year-old stated, "It means more that all of the golds," adding that she had "pushed through so many the past five years and the week before I even got here." Biles did a great job in Tuesday's event. She was able to pull off many amazing stunts and finished her routine with a few flips, a grab for her heart and a huge smile. Biles ended up sharing the podium alongside Guan Chenchen, who scored a 14.633, and Tang Xijing, who scored a 4.233). Biles stated after the event, "My mental health and physical well-being is more important than any medals I could win." To be clear, I meant to do beam, which was something I didn't expect, but it also meant that the world would be back out there. "And I didn't expect to walk away with the gold medal. "I was going out there to do this for myself." Biles stated that she was not going to be attending last week's events because of her mental health. She would have been putting her health at risk if she had performed the event last week. She said that the girls were afraid for me before team finals and they have never been scared of me doing something, but that they were really nervous." "At the end, we are not just entertainment or athletes, but humans too." We have real emotions, and sometimes people don't know that there are things that impact us when we compete. We reported previously that Biles didn't compete in Tokyo's gymnastics events after she claimed she was fighting the "twisties". Biles stated that she had trouble deciding between up and down when she was performing twisting stunts... and called it all "petrifying." Biles addresses those who claim she "quit". She says she worked for 5 years and will not quit competing if she wasn't absolutely necessary. But, The Gymnastic Great brushed it off. Her bronze Tuesday gives her seven Olympic medals. Shannon Miller is the American gymnast with more than seven.


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