St. Regis Mauritius 'Downgraded' To A JW Marriott

Hotels can change their branding quite often, but it is not common.Mauritius Hotel moves from St. Regis, to JW MarriottThe St. Regis Mauritius is now the JW Marriott Mauritius, effective August 1, 2021. This is how the hotel describes the changes coming:The property will soon be equipped with areas that can deliver a JW Marriott-branded luxury experience in Mauritius. Guests will still be able to access the hotel during this time. The property will be rebranded to JW Marriott resort. It will offer a place where guests can feel whole, present and nourished in their bodies, and rejuvenated in spirit.The resort, which has 172 rooms, was opened as a St. Regis property in 2012.Marriott places JW Marriott and St. Regis in the classic luxury category. However, St. Regis is a premium brand. St. Regis properties tend to be smaller and more luxurious with personalized service. JW Marriott properties, on the other hand, are larger and often include convention hotels.It is comparable to Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt, if you want to compare it with other brands.JW Marriott now owns the St. Regis MauritiusThis is why this unusual rebranding is so importantThere are many reasons that hotels might choose to rebrand. This includes the fact that it is related to major international hotel groups.A major hotel group may allow an independent hotel to join. This is when the potential revenue from this affiliation exceeds the associated costsIf a hotel is part of a large hotel group, it may decide to be independent. This happens when the hotel feels it doesn't need the loyalty program and global distribution of a big hotel group to fill rooms at reasonable yields.A major hotel group might upgrade to another brand. This is usually done when a hotel plans a major renovation and wants a return. For example, a Ritz-Carlton room is more expensive than a JW-Mart room.A hotel that is part of a large hotel group might downgrade to another brand. This is usually done when the hotel isn't willing to invest in renovations or maintain brand standards.What's the deal with the St. Regis Mauritius Hotel? It was a place I've stayed before and it was quite good in absolute terms. However, it is one of the lesser-known St. Regis properties. Let me share a few thoughts with you.Is it possible that JW Marriott's brand recognition is better than St. Regis and will result in more hotel rooms being filled by JW Marriott? It is possible, though I doubt it.The hotel is rebranding because it doesn't seem like they are meeting St. Regis brand standards in certain ways.It is possible that this is the case. What is surprising is that the hotel will not rebrand as a soft luxury brand like Luxury Collection or Autograph Collection. Instead, it will join JW Marriott. This will require branding investments.The hotel's explanation is hilarious. It suggests that after the rebrand, the hotel will offer an environment that allows guests feel whole, present and nourished in their body etc. This is in contrast to the St. Regis.This is certainly one of the most unusual hotel rebrands that we have seen. This is, to my knowledge, the first time that St. Regis has been rebranded under another Marriott brand.This is one of our most unusual hotel rebrandings.Bottom lineThe St. Regis Mauritius was rebranded as JW Marriott Mauritius on August 1, 2021. It is anyone's guess as to what exactly is happening here. This is undoubtedly a brand-downgrade. It leads me to believe the hotel didn't want to spend the money necessary to keep it up.What do you think of the St. Regis rebranding campaign?(Tip of ECR)