Most Unvaccinated Americans Don�t Feel Responsible For Surging Covid Cases, Poll Suggests � Here�s Who They Blame

Topline According to a new Axios/Ipsos poll, while the majority of Americans are vaccinated, they feel that the unvaccinated are responsible for the rise in Covid-19 cases and the spread of new variants throughout the U.S. Axios-Ipsos poll released Tuesday shows that very few people who have not been vaccinated believe they are to blame. This highlights the difficulties officials face when trying to revitalize the country's slow vaccination program. Americans are arguing about vaccine status. A poll shows that vaccinated Americans believe that recent surges in vaccination rates were caused by unvaccinated individuals. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images The Key Facts According to a poll of nearly 80% of Americans vaccinated, the increase in Covid-19-related cases and the spread in new variants in the U.S. was attributed to unvaccinated Americans. The poll included 999 adults in the United States. The poll revealed that vaccined people consider Donald Trump (36%), conservative media (33%), foreign travel to the U.S. (30%), and Americans who travel abroad (25%), to be key contributors. Unvaccinated persons are less likely to agree on the cause, with less than 10% believing that unvaccinated individuals are responsible for rising numbers. People who had not been vaccinated attributed a significant amount of the problem to foreigners in the U.S. (27%), the mainstream media (27%), and Americans who travel internationally (23%). This group had far fewer people who were not vaccinated than their vaccinated counterparts. They blamed Donald Trump (11%) and the conservative media (7.5%), while President Joe Biden (21%), CDC (19%), and national health officials (18%). Important Background Vaccinated Americans are quickly losing patience with vaccine-refused compatriots. Many blame vaccine holdouts for the slide, with the delta variant causing an increase in hospitalizations and cases across the country. Health officials have also imposed new restrictions and guidelines to limit it. This issue is highly partisan. Republicans are significantly less likely to agree with the vaccine. Fox and conservative media outlets have retracted initial skepticism. The promotion of conspiracy theories by politicians, and the lukewarm support by former President Trump (he got his shot without warning and off camera) has all been blamed. Access to vaccines and healthcare are major obstacles to increasing vaccination rates. This has been exacerbated by misinformation and conspiracy theories, which has also hindered vaccination drives. In an effort to increase vaccination rates, some employers are requiring employees to have vaccines. However, Florida has moved to ban such restrictions. Tangent The new CDC guidelines that require masks to be worn in certain areas are applicable to both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Although they are less likely to become seriously ill, people who have been vaccinated can still get infected by Covid-19. This is because the delta variant of the virus is somewhat resistant to certain vaccines, making it more common, particularly for those who are not fully vaccinated. Even if they are not symptomatic, vaccinated people can still transmit the virus to others. Recent evidence from the CDC suggests that vaccinated individuals may be as infectious as those who are not vaccinated. Continue reading According to polls by Forbes, the Delta Variant Surge may make it less likely for unvaccinated Americans to get the shot. Here are the Biggest Groups Still Refusing the Covid-19 Vaccine. Poll finds (Forbes). What are the unvaccinated Americans? There is no one answer. (NYT). As Virus Cases Increase, another contagion spreads among the vaccinated: Anger (NYT). Live updates and coverage of the Coronavirus


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