A missing Belarusian activist's body was found in a park in Ukraine, and police are investigating if it was a 'murder disguised as a suicide'

A body belonging to a Belarusian activist, was discovered in a park in Kyiv (Ukraine).Police stated that they are investigating if the murder was disguised as suicide.Vitaly Shishov assisted the fleeing persecution in Belarus. The country responds to its critics.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.Police are investigating the death of a Belarusian activist in Ukraine.Vitaly Shishov was born in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. He led the Belarusian House in Ukraine (a non-profit that assists people fleeing persecution), The Guardian reported.The BBC reported that his body was found in a park after he failed to return from a run on Tuesday morning.According to police, Vitaly Shishov (Belarusian citizen), who went missing in Kyiv yesterday was found today hanged in Kyiv's parks, not far away from his home."They claimed that they had opened an investigation into murder and that the only option was that it was a "murder disguised in a suicide."Yury Shchuchko was a member the Belarusian House in Ukraine and claimed that Shishov was found with bruises on his face and nothing was stolen.Belarus is often called Europe's last dictatorship. It has retaliated against critics.Opposition politicians fled the country. Over the weekend, an Olympic-level athlete claimed she was taken to Tokyo's airport after criticizing her coaches. On Monday, Poland granted her a humanitarian visa.In May, a Ryanair passenger flight headed to Lithuania was diverted by Belarus. It was forced to land in Belarus to detain Roman Protasevich, a dissident, who was aboard.Business Insider has the original article.