Samsung's new foldable phones might be a lot cheaper than the old ones

These phones fold up nicely. They are also very expensive. Samsung's foldable flagship Galaxy Z Fold 2 was launched at $2,000 and is now available for purchase.Evan Blass, a leaker, claims that this will change with the new generation of Samsung foldables. They are due to be launched in one week.Blass tweeted on Tuesday what appears to be official recommendations for prices for the forthcoming devices in Europe.Blass claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will retail for 1,899 (about $2,256), while a variant with more storage will go for 1,999 ($2,375). The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be priced at 1,099 ($1,305), while a variant with more storage will go for 1,149 ($1,365).The prices in euros are almost always converted to dollars, but the U.S. will be cheaper. The important thing about the prices is that they are significantly lower than last year's starting euro prices for the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 (121 and 260 respectively). Blass's numbers suggest that Samsung's new foldables will be more wallet-friendly than previous models.Blass also revealed the possible prices for other upcoming Samsung products. Blass shared the prices of the 40-millimeter Galaxy Watch 4 and the 44-millimeter Galaxy Watch Wise. The latter will be priced at 279$332, while the 309$367 version will be available. The 42mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be 379$450, while the 46mm Galaxy Watch Wise will cost 409$486, and 379$450. The upcoming Galaxy Buds 2 will be available at 159$189.The dollar prices are only a reference. It's almost a given that the prices in dollars will be substantially lower than those you get when you convert euro prices directly.These devices will be officially launched on August 11th. Check out this preview for more information.