Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' has a release date and a first look

All you need to do is light the beacons Gondor calls for aid! Amazon's long-awaited Lord of the Rings series has finally been released. The series was first announced in 2017 and filming began in February 2020. It will be available on Amazon Prime on September 2, 2011.A first look at an image from Amazon's Lord of the Rings was presented with the premiere date. It shows a single figure outside Minas Tirith (the capital city of Gondor). Two white trees stand tall against the sky in the background of the image to the right.In the four years since Amazon announced that they would be bringing back Middle Earth audiences, Amazon has kept the details of the Lord of the Rings series closely to their chest. A few casting announcements have suggested that the show will feature a lot of characters. Fans were riled by a March 2019 tweet showing a map of Middle Earth, with Nmenor as the corner. Nmenor, the Atlantis-like home of the Dnedain (a favored race of men who fell in darkness thousands of years prior to the events of The Fellowship of the Ring), was the historical center of Middle Earth.Official Lord of the Rings Twitter account confirmed that a report from contained a "synopsis of the first season" that mostly hinted to the time period (The Second Age), and the appearance of "the greatest antagonist that ever flowed out of Tolkien’s pen."Amazon also announced that it had renewed the show for Season 2 in November 2019, almost three years after the original season. New episodes will be available on Amazon Prime Video every other week, starting in September 2022.Related Video: How to binge-eat 30-day free streaming services