Furkan Korkmaz sticking with Philadelphia 76ers on 3-year, $15 million deal, per agents

According to Jeff Schwartz and Mike Lindeman of Excel Sports Management, Furkan Korkmaz's agents, the Philadelphia 76ers agreed to a $15 million three-year deal to resign as guard. Korkmaz, 24, averaged 9.1 and shot 37.5% from 3-point range last season for the 76ers. This allowed a shooting-starved Philadelphia team to have some space around Joel Embiid, who is a superstar center. The 76ers selected the Turkish guard with the 26th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Korkmaz, who averaged 9.8 points per game after turning down his third-year offer two years ago was offered a one-year contract. He now has a permanent home in Philadelphia. However, Philadelphia still needs to decide the fate of Danny Green, a guard who is also an unrestricted, free agent this offseason.


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