Bill's Single Again, Folks

It was finally done. Bill and Melinda Gates ended their 27-year-long marriage on Monday. This was the end of one the most wholesome power couple of our time, or at least the last wholesome. Since the couple announced their split in May, a lot of pretty... icky stories started to surface about Bill, including details about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and his track record with women he employed. The New York Post joined the fray multiple times! It's obvious that this guy will need to improve his image if he wants to be back in the dating scene. I'm here to help.Although I'm not a professional dating coach, I can help you make straight dude friends and have great relationships with your straight ladies. In the old country, I would be called a shadchanit. This loosely translated means someone who will edit your Tinder profile in exchange for a loose smoke.Although he can likely afford cigs, I decided to give Bill some freebies. Girls, hes available.