LA Clippers, Nicolas Batum agree to two-year deal, source says

Nicolas Batum, who has been rehabilitated in Los Angeles last season, has agreed to a two year deal with the Clippers, according to ESPN.According to a source, Batum will sign a non-Bird two-year deal with a player option in year 2. Batum was a valuable and versatile veteran player last season for the Clippers.Batum was waived by Charlotte in 2020 with the stretch clause. The veteran forward signed with Clippers to try and have a similar story.Batum, like the Clippers, enjoyed a rebound season that helped LA reach its first Western Conference finals. Batum, who played in only 22 games and averaged 3.6 points in Charlotte's final season, averaged 8.1 points with 4.7 rebounds and shot 40.4% from the foul line in 67 games as Clipper.Batum was more than just a statistic. He has become a crucial glue for the Clippers. Batum was open to accepting any role, whether he was starting or finishing off the bench. The Clippers utilized his versatility to defend multiple positions.Batum stated that he surprised not only critics who believed he was done in Charlotte, but also himself by his bounce-back campaign.Batum admitted that he was surprised a little. "It's kind of because you get tired of listening to all the outside noise and then you think, 'Maybe, I am done.' You come back to find that you are playing so well for the team and that you are actually playing for something. I was surprised to find out that I wasn't so bad. I was surprised at times and it was possible that people were wrong about my abilities, but I was probably wrong about myself.The Athletic first reported Batum's consent to return to the Clippers.