Meghan McCain Tells Mary Trump 'Leave Me and My Entire Family The F*** Alone'

The Trumps and McCains continue to fire shots at one another... this time, it's John McCain's daughter versus Donald Trump's niece. After Mary Trump's niece shot at Meghan McCain on "The View," Meghan McCain took aim at Mary Trump on Monday. Mary secretly recorded relatives to write a book. She was on the talk show for an interview about famous family members. Meghan was criticized for not participating in the discussion and said it showed a lack courage on MM’s part. To me, there is no Trump family member who is "good". Continue to wish that they'd all just let me and my family be the fuck. Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) August 2, 2021 @MeghanMcCain Meghan wasn't too pleased with the dig and is now going after Mary Trump and the rest. She says that there's no Trump family member who's 'good.' I wish they'd all leave me and my family alone. It is not clear why Meghan wasn't on the segment with Mary. Meghan had appeared in previous segments, but Mary was only answering questions from Joy Behar and Sara Haines.


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