Sony Wants Venom to Wrap All the Way Around Your Face With 270-Degree Movie Screens

Sony Pictures and CJ 4DPlex, a cinema tech company, have teamed up to unleash a terrifying terror on moviegoers in September. It's a sequel to Venom but in the ScreenX format.AdvertisementDeadline reports that the two film giants have recently signed a 15-movie contract. The deal will run for three years and include key titles in ScreenX's wraparound format. This format uses a theater's walls to create a panoramic visual effect. Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and Spider-Man 2: No Way Home are two highly anticipated Marvel films that appear to be a strategy play intended to get movie-lovers back in the theaters after the pandemic.ScreenX makes it seem like you are right in the middle or the action of the movie and not just watching it. ScreenX movies will be louder, larger, and more frightening than usual. This is a key point to keep in mind when you decide to see the sequel to Venom. Venom has been criticized for being too loud and stupid.CJ4DPlex is part of Korea's CJ Group and currently has 355 ScreenX locations around the world. Jongryul Kim (CEO of the company) stated that the agreement with Sony was... a strong sign of Sony Pictures' commitment to the theatre movie industry.CJ4DPlex's super-premium immersive theater formats and dynamic theater experiences will encourage audiences to return to the cinemas after the pandemic.While streaming has been a setback for traditional movie release models like ScreenX or IMAX, premium format purveyors such as ScreenX and IMAX have seen healthy grosses in recent months, even though theater attendance is struggling to recover from pre-pandemic.Steven ODell, Sony's international distribution chief, told Deadline in an interview that previous partnerships with CJ 4DPlex had brought positive results. He said that we look forward to seeing these films in their unique formats, which will continue to drive moviegoers to theaters around the globe.