No, Cormac McCarthy Isn't on Twitter. Don't Be Fooled by the Check Mark.

This tone was not typical of Mr. McCarthy's books, which are often framed around the theme of death and gritty imagery. He has written about venomous rattlesnakes living in the Mojave Desert, as well as a psychotic killer whose primary method of execution is a bolt gun that is used to kill cattle.He set the scene by writing about a group of mercenaries gathered around a fire in Blood Meridian's southwest.He wrote that the flames sawed through the wind, and the embers became paler and deeper and deeper and deeper like the bloodbeats of a living thing eviscerating upon the ground. They also watched the fire which contained something of them.However, it appeared that posting on Twitter was a tedious task for the person pretending he is Mr. McCarthy.Stephen King had a chat with the tweet author, who cast Mr. McCarthy (88) as a social media novice trying to please Terry.My publicist is investigating my frequent use of this infernal site. The person wrote Friday, drawing attention to the account. He claims engagement is declining and metrics are decreasing. I sent a tweet to Terry: Are you happy now Terry?Two days later, Mr. King gave his approval. Terry may not be here, but I believe he is, he wrote.Paul Bogaards, a spokesperson for Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group and Mr. McCarthy's publisher, stated Monday that the account was fake.