Amazon made a $55 soap dispenser that reminds you to wash for 20 seconds

Amazon quietly launched a Smart Soap Dispenser, which works with its Alexa voice-activated assistant. The gadget was spotted by AFTVnews and includes a series of 10 LED lights that count down while you wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds by the CDC.You can pair the Smart Soap Dispenser as an Alexa Gadget with a compatible Echo device. This will allow you to access a supporting Alexa Routine which will play your favorite song, tell you a joke, or give you fun facts while you scrub away. This is an optional feature, and the dispenser does not include a microphone or speaker. To access the best features of this gadget, you don't need an Echo device. The device can provide more or less soap depending on the distance you place your hand below the nozzle. The soap will disperse less if you are closer to the nozzle.The Smart Soap Dispenser has 802.11n WiFi connectivity, just like 2009. There is also a micro-USB port for charging the device. Amazon claims that the internal battery will last for three months with a single charge.The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser costs $54.99 and is considerably more expensive than other dumb soap dispensers, many of which you will find on Amazon's marketplace. It feels a year behind the times. Many tech companies have added hand washing features to their products last year. However, the most recent science indicates that the coronavirus does not spread on surfaces. You can still pre-order the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser today. Orders are expected to ship August 4th.