Watch 2 Olympians agree to share the gold in rare and heartwarming tie

Many people believe that the Olympics is the ultimate platform for competition. However, it's true that some of the most memorable Olympic moments are when athletes team up.After a competitive event that produced a rare, but touching tie, not one, but two, Olympic gold medal-winning athletes came home with their medals on Sunday. How did this happen? How? Mutaz Essa barshim from Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi from Italy, who are friends on and off the track, agreed to share a medal in the men’s high jump.The high jumps were successful at 7.8 meters (7ft 8in) for both athletes, but they each missed the Olympic record of 7.9 meters (10in) three times. Instead of attempting to break yet another tie-breaking jump off, they decided to become co-gold medalists.Barshim asked an official at the track if they would each like a gold medal during the deciding huddle. The competitors realized that it was possible to tie the race and embraced one another before continuing their celebrations with their fans.Peacock's official twitter account tweeted a clip from the moment. We won't lie, it was quite emotional.Talk about the Olympic spirit. "The Olympic spirit is to create a peaceful and better world within the Olympic sphere that requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship solidarity and fair play," can be heard a commentator saying in the clip. This is how we can see it all explained as they share the gold medal moment.Tamberi said that she still cannot believe what happened to her. Sharing with a friend makes it even more special. It was just magical. It was simply magical."Barshim stated, "For me, coming to this, I know for certain that for the performance that I did, that I deserve that gold." "He did the exact same thing, so I know that he deserved this gold."This gold will be Barshim’s third (all in high jump) and Tamberi’s first Olympic medal.These are some amazing faces! Take a look at these faces!"I was in ecstasy. Tamberi said that her heart was exploding. "I was so emotional and I just screamed at him, before he started to get in the blocks. I supported him." "I feel like I had to do something because I am the captain of the national team."Barshim was also thrilled and hopes that this tie will send a positive message for younger generations."He's one my best friends. Barshim said that he is a friend both on and off the track. "We are almost always together. True spirit, sportsmen spirit."[I] appreciate his efforts, and he appreciates my contributions." This is incredible."