Biz Markie Celebration of Life Ceremony Gets Underway in NYC

BET Video ContentBiz Markie will be honored in the wake his death. Family, friends and loved ones will come out to speak on his behalf.The funeral of the rapper took place in New York City on Monday morning. A public memorial service was held afterwards, which you can view in full here.Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy. Other MCs will also be present during the proceedings... Fat Joe, LL Cool J and Papoose as well as Al B. Yes!, Leland, and others. It is not clear if any of them will deliver remarks.According to Dapper Dan, the Harlem fashion designer and DAPPER DANKER, Biz will be in full-dress.It will be a very emotional moment for New Yorkers as well as hip-hop fans. As you all know, BM was a pioneer in the genre and was beloved by many people before his tragic passing.TMZ broke the story... he passed away last month at the tender age of 57.