Cathay Pacific Gifts Olympic Medalists Free Flights

Cathay Pacific goes one step further than many airlines, flying Olympic athletes to the games. Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong-based airline that is also an official partner of Hong Kong's Sports Federation & Olympic Committee, has announced that all Hong Kong Olympic medalists will be eligible for unlimited business class flights for a full year to all Cathay Pacific destinations.First, I thought, "Well, that's a convenient moment to gift that," but the clock doesn't start at the time of the first flight. Olympians have to wait until the borders reopen before they can travel to take advantage of this benefit.I have never dreamed of becoming an Olympian. But, if there are perks like these, it might be worth reconsidering. Is it too late for curling?Although not very significant in the grand scheme of things, I would be intrigued by the logistics.What will the winners need to do to book? Will they receive a promo code, call, email, or something else?What type of capacity controls are there? They will be able to reserve the last available seat.These tickets will earn Olympians miles.Two Olympic athletes from Hong Kong have already won medals at 2020 Tokyo Olympics. One person won a Gold and one person won two Silver. Let's hope that at least some winners will maximize this perk.(Tip of @JournoDannyAero