'Brazen, coordinated attack': Spray of bullets injures 10 people in NYC gang shooting

NEW YORK A brazen gang-related shooting left 10 people wounded after a gunman fired 40 shots at a Queens street.Police said that 18 people were killed or injured in seven shootings at North Corona's 37th Avenue, near 99th Street, during the barrage of bullets.Two men on scooters followed the Queens gunmen in masks and hoods down 37th Avenue at 10:40 p.m., and they began firing, James Essig, Chief of Detectives for NYPD, said.Essig stated that the two men immediately raised their arms and started firing at a group of barbers. This was a coordinated, brazen attack.Essig stated that more than 40 shots were fired at the group outside the barbershop as well as innocent pedestrians and those celebrating the birthday of a nearby restaurant owner.Officials said that gunfire was used to kill eight men and two women. After the smoke had cleared, the shooters got on to the scooters and raced off.Essig stated that the victims were aged between 19 and 72 years. All were taken to local hospitals, and they were expected to survive.According to police, the pair were targeting three Trinitarios gang members who were standing outside the barbershop. Essig stated that all other victims were collateral damages.Officials said that the 21-year old victim who sustained the most serious injuries was a Trinitarios member. He was shot in his stomach.Cops stated that the 72-year old woman was shot in her left leg; a 50 year-old male was shot in his right leg; a 40-yearold woman was also shot in her right foot; a 39-yearold man was struck in his right leg; and a 19-yearold was struck in the right ear.Teresa Asitimbay (42), who owns a nearby restaurant, stated that the area is plagued with violence and trouble. She said that she avoids walking in the area after closing down her restaurant.It's not uncommon to see a lot drunken people on the streets. She said that weekends are crazy.Continue the storyAstimbay stated that Astimbay was told by a customer that there had been a fight earlier in the night. My customer said that something was not right there.Some of the violence was caught on surveillance cameras.Essig described the footage as quite disturbing. At 10:30 at night, two men just reach out their arms and walk down a crowded street. There are parties, restaurants, and crowded streets.Essig stated that there is a common theme in this story and that it must stop. Gang members are those who use guns, scooters, masks, and other unintended targets.He said that this is unacceptable on the streets of New York City.Three innocent women were injured in an attack by two groups of gunmen in Manhattan about half an hour after the Queens incident.A 78-year old woman was shot in her hand, a woman aged 58 was shot in her leg and a woman aged 42 was grazed on the left arm.Cops reported that twelve bullet casings were discovered at the scene.Five more Brooklyn residents were also shot between 12 and 5 AM. Two of the victims were killed by their injuries, including a 32 year-old man who was repeatedly shot in the abdomen while he sat in his vehicle on Ralph Ave. in Canarsie at 4:30 AM.Police believe that two gunmen approached Eirvin Monroe (the victim of Canarsie), who lived less than a mile from the spot where he was shot and killed.Cops stated that a second man, 26 years old, was also shot in the chest in a separate drive-by shooting close to Sterling and Utica avenues, Crown Heights. Later, he died at Kings County Hospital.Officials said that 1,056 people had been killed by gunfire in this year's 898 incidents. This is a 12.2% increase over the 938 people who were shot at the same time last years.Cops released video of Queens shooters to try and identify them.Juanita Holmes, Chief of Patrol NYPD, stated that they are familiar with the area and wear masks to protect themselves. Someone will see the video and think, "Oh, I know this clothing" or "I know so-and-so walks this way."Anybody with information about this incident is asked to call NYPD Crime Stoppers (800) 577 TIPS.