Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden play hot potato with evictions, pointing fingers over who should extend the moratorium

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Joe Biden, President. Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images; Michael M. Santiago/Getty ImagesPelosi and Biden disagree on who should renew federal eviction ban.Pelosi stated in a statement that "it is unfathomable" that no action would be taken to stop people being evicted.According to the White House, its hands are tied by a recent Supreme Court decision.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, is asking the Biden Administration to extend the federal moratorium on evictions that expired Saturday. Biden and Democrats have been arguing about who should do it since Friday's failure to renew it.Pelosi stated Monday that "it is unfathomable" that she would not take action to stop people being evicted. She reiterated her demand for the White House's intervention.The eviction moratorium expired on July 31 and 6 million people could be evicted within the next few months. Biden's stimulus package included an emergency rental relief program. However, it has taken a long time to distribute aid to many renters.Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hyer, as well as Democratic whip James Clyburn, called Sunday's measure "a moral imperative" in order to protect Americans during another spike in COVID-19 cases.After the White House announced Thursday that it would let the eviction ban expire, arguing that a Supreme Court decision had tethered its hands, the White House made these statements. It urged Congress to act. The House Democrats did not renew the bill on Friday, and lawmakers returned to their districts to begin a summer recess that will last into September.Some Democrats are putting pressure on the House to return to session in order for them take action on the renewal of the moratorium and introduce new legislation. They won't likely have the votes needed to pass it due to resistance from moderate Democrats.Since Friday night, Rep. Cori Bush, a Missouri progressive Democrat, has slept on Capitol steps.On Saturday, she told Insider that Democrats must immediately adopt a new bill regarding the moratorium.Continue the storyBush stated, "We were elected for the difficult things." "How will we say to the American people.. that we're allowing 7,000,000 people to have no homes, while Democrats are the majority?"Others argued that the party should accept responsibility for its failure to act.Ocasio Cortez stated that "we have to just call a Spade a Spade," in a CNN interview. The New York congresswoman stated that "we cannot in good faith fault the Republican Party" when House Democrats have the majority.Business Insider has the original article.