Google Claims To Create Time Crystal Inside Quantum Computer

If the research is able to withstand scrutiny, it could be the spark that quantum computers require. Breaking Physics Scientists claim they have created a scientific anomaly called a "time crystal" in what could be a significant achievement for quantum physics and fundamental physics. Time crystals are able to harness a peculiarity of physics that allows them to remain dynamically stable and changeable in spite of their changing nature. They don't give off energy when they change conformation, thereby preventing them from violating the natural law that all things eventually turn towards disorder and entropy. Quanta Magazine reports that it appears possible for these things after all. According to a preprint shared online by a large team of researchers from Stanford and Princeton who were working with Google's quantum computing labs, this is what they claimed. This discovery, which is a remarkable scientific discovery in abstract-time crystals, could have important implications for quantum computing. It's amazing. You can evade the second law of thermodynamics. Roderich Moessner, coauthor of the study and director of the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, told Quanta. Advertisement Advertisement Crystal Computing According to The Next Web, this research means that experts think they have figured out how time crystals can be made from theoretical abstraction. This realm has existed since they were first conceptualized a decade ago. Researchers behind the paper claim they have experimentally demonstrated a new time crystal. This gives them an advantage over previous attempts. Quanta notes that several researchers have claimed to have created or observed the first time crystal. However, none of these claims were true. There are reasons to believe that none of these experiments were successful. Quanta spoke with John Chalker, a University of Oxford physicist, who was not involved in the research. If the research is confirmed by experts and someone can use the time crystals in a practical manner, then perhaps we will find ourselves in a world of practical, powerful quantum computers capable of doing all the things we were led to believe. READ MORE: Eternal Change without Energy: A Time Crystal Now Made Real [Quanta Magazine] Advertisement Advertisement Learn more about time crystals: Scientists observe that time crystals interact with each other


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