The IOC needs to leave Raven Saunders alone

Only the International Olympic Committee needs to forget Raven Saunders.Saunders won a silver medal at the women's shot put competition. Her statement reverberated around the world. She crossed her arms over her head as a sign of support for all oppressed people, and placed them on the medal podium.AdvertisementThe International Olympic Committee is now investigating the protest of the South Carolina-based LGBTQ athlete, who was 25 years old.The IOC has been in touch with World Athletics, the international governing body of the sport, and with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committees (USOPC), Mark Adams, a spokesperson for the IOC, stated in a Monday news conference.Although protests were prohibited by the IOCs rule 50, it was modified last month to allow athletes to demonstrate as long as they don't disrupt competition.The Olympic Charter and the rules of the IOC for Tokyo 2020 govern Team USA, as with all delegations, the USOPC stated in a statement to Reuters.AdvertisementThe USOPC's delegation terms stated that the USOPC reviewed Raven Saunders' peaceful support for racial justice and demonstration at the end of the ceremony. It found that her actions were respectful of her competitors.Saunders, a Black woman, is openly gay. She probably knows all too well about the negative effects of oppression, having been a member of three marginalized communities.AdvertisementThis moment was significant to Saunders because of her sacrifices and the sacrifices made by so many people who were oppressed. With her courage to speak out, she represents us all.AdvertisementSaunders stated, "I feel incredible because I know I'm going to inspire so much people." I am about to inspire so many young women, young men, and people who have suffered from suicide. Many people would give up on it being about them.Saunders made a joke on Twitter about what she might get from the IOC.AdvertisementThis is a case where the IOC should have some common sense and allow Saunders to be. Her message was needed to be heard around the globe.AdvertisementThanks to Saunders who stood up for the oppressed and was a representative of them.