Simone Biles Will Compete In The Gymnastics Balance Beam Final

Simone Biles will compete Tuesday in the balance beam final. This is her first competition since she pulled out of several competitions due to mental health issues, USA Gymnastics announced Monday morning.We are thrilled to announce that there will be two U.S. balance beam athletes competing in tomorrow's final - Suni Lee and Simone Biles! We can't wait to see you both!After landing in the vault, the star gymnast pulled out of the team finals. Biles stated that she was not mentally strong during the buildup to the event."I was shaking so much that I couldn't sleep, it was almost like I was shaking." Biles stated that she had never felt this excited about entering a competition.USA Gymnastics announced Wednesday that Biles also pulled out of the individual all around competition "in order for her mental health to be better."USA Gymnastics released a statement that stated, "We support Simones' decision and applaud the bravery she showed in prioritizing our well-being." "Her courage is yet another reason she is an example to so many."Biles posted a video practice to explain her struggles on Friday and did a Q&A via Instagram. Biles explained that her mental block began randomly after the preliminary competitions."For anyone who says I quit. She wrote that she didn't quit her mind or body.Biles will have one chance at an Olympic medal in the balance beam final.