The Morning After: IKEA hid an air purifier inside its newest table

It's not lamps that can double as speakers. IKEA thinks it's time to get on the air purifier.Starkvind is launching a family smart air purifiers. The first two Starkvind models, which are standalone purifiers and side tables, cost $129 and $189, respectively. The three-filter system IKEA claims will capture larger particles like dust and hair, 99.5 percent smaller particles less than 2.5 millimeters (or one 400thof a millimeter), and pollen, pollutants, such as formaldehyde and bad odors.IKEAAlthough the designs are subtle and simple, you will need IKEA's smart hub to access all features such as remote activation and scheduling. The models will be available in October, giving you enough time to get rid your non-smart side tables.Mat SmithWe are grateful for your next.Epic GamesFornites Rift Tour is the latest concert series. Ariana Grande will be performing on the virtual stage on August 6th. Concertgoers are advised to arrive at least an hour before the show. A Rift Tour playlist will be available 30 minutes prior.Battle royale has hosted J Balvin and Travis Scott concerts, and even rumours of a Lady Gaga collaboration.Fortnite wouldn't be Fortnite without cosmetics. You can now grab an Ariana outfit and play as the pop star. This will go live on August 4. Continue reading.This is a rare case of a major news channel facing a YouTube ban.YouTube banned Sky News Australia's uploads of new videos for one week due to allegations it spread COVID-19 misinformation. Multiple Sky videos were reportedly found to have violated rules that denied the existence of coronavirus variants and claimed that hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin are effective treatments.YouTube stated that the clips did not provide "sufficient countervailing contextual" to show that the claims were false. YouTube has been criticized for its position on COVID-19 by host Alan Jones. In 2020, he falsely claimed that SARS-CoV-2 was not a pandemic. He also incorrectly stated in July that the virus' Delta variant wasn't dangerous or affected by vaccines.This is only one "strike" against Sky. Two more would result in a permanent channel ban. Continue reading.It is possible that there was a surprising demand for the luxury smartwatch.AppleYou might not be able to get the titanium Apple Watch Series 6 if you want it. This model, which is more expensive, is not available through the company's websites in the US.Mark Gurman, Bloomberg's CEO, speculated in the Power On newsletter that Apple had underestimated demand. Gurman suggests that Apple made a few titanium Apple Watches in anticipation of shifting to Series 7. The production seems to have stopped. Although this does not necessarily mean that the Series 6 titanium model was a big success, Apple's premium wristwear may have performed better than expected. Is there a Series 7 model in titanium? Continue reading.A payout could also be possible.Zoom agreed to pay $85million to settle a lawsuit that accused the video chat company of violating privacy and enabling "zoombombing," which is where trolls drop into private videocalls. In addition to tighter security measures such as warning staff about third-party apps, the preliminary settlement requires that they provide privacy-oriented training for Zoom employees.Judge Lucy Koh (who you may remember from the AppleSamsung epic lawsuit years ago) stated that the company was largely protected from zoombombing claims because of the Communications Decency Act's Section 230. This protects users against liability for their actions.If the lawsuit is granted class-action status, then payouts could be made to you. Subscribers would be eligible for a refund of 15 percent or $25, depending on which amount was greater, and everyone else would get $15. Continue reading.Wait, there's more!Today, 50 years ago, people drove the first time on the MoonWhy Tesla delayed the Semi EV's launch until 2022The formation of the solar system may have been explained by two red objects located between Jupiter and Mars."Doctor Who" is due for another revolution