YouTube Tests Cheaper 'Premium Lite' Subscription for Ad-Free Viewing

YouTube has launched a cheaper European subscription tier called "Premium Lite" that offers ad-free viewing and none of the other features offered by YouTube Premium.ResetEra first spotted the "Lite" plan and it was confirmed by Google. This means that users who don't want to download offline or playback background can still watch YouTube videos on mobile and web without interruption by ads.The Verge was told by a YouTube spokesperson:"We're currently testing Premium Lite in Nordics and Benelux, except for Iceland. It costs 6.99/month or the local equivalent per month and includes ad-free YouTube videos."YouTube Premium plans are available for around 11.99/11.99 Euros per month and $11.99 US. They include ad free viewing on the web, mobile app and smart TVs and consoles as well as adfree YouTube Music listening, background playback and offline downloads.The Verge points out that the "Lite" plan costs about 60% less than a Premium plan, but offers only a quarter as many features. YouTube claims that YouTube's subscription plan is still experimental and could roll out additional plans to get user feedback.