YouTube 'Premium Lite' subscription offers ad-free viewing for less

Google is offering a cheaper premium YouTube subscription that allows for ad-free streaming and does not include YouTube Premiums features such as background playback or offline downloads. ResetEra noticed the new Premium Lite plan and YouTube confirmed it in a statement to The Verge. Premium Lite is currently being evaluated in Belgium, Denmark Finland, Luxembourg and Norway.A new Premium Lite pricing option was launched in Benelux and Nordics. It costs 6.99 per month (or the local equivalent per monthly) and includes all YouTube ad-free videos. YouTube's Premium plan, which costs approximately 11.99 per month in Europe, is comparable.We are testing a new product to offer users more optionsPremium Lite allows you to view YouTube's main app across all platforms, including iOS, Android, smart TVs and consoles as well as the YouTube Kids app. It doesn't offer YouTube Music benefits such as ad-free streaming, or Premium's other features like background playing (for when you want another app to open while still listening to audio from YouTube videos), or offline downloadings.Premium Lite seems like a good option for someone who doesn't like YouTube's excessive amount of ads but still wants Premiums other features such as offline downloads. It costs approximately 60% of regular Premium subscriptions, but offers only a quarter the benefits. YouTube states that it is currently in an experimental phase and will be offering more plans based upon audience feedback.