Dolly Parton Used Whitney Houston Royalties to Invest in Black Community

Dolly Parton spent the money she earned from Whitney Houston's greatest hits, a Dolly's rendition, into a Black Tennessee community. This is something that has not been documented until now. The revelation was made by the singer during an appearance on WWHL’ with Andy Cohen. Andy asked her what she thought the best thing she had done with the royalties she received from Whitney's rendition of 'I Will Always Love You'... which was originally sung in DP. Dolly provided a truly amazing answer. It seems that no one has ever asked her, but she was willing to share it. You can see her answer in the video. Andy hears her tell Andy how she invested a substantial amount of money from royalties she received -- $10 million in the '90s. Dolly also noted that it was in a section of town where most Black people lived. She felt it was the best place to be. Although it's not clear if Dolly did more there in the years, it is certain that she had some economic impact on the big picture. Although it's not clear where Dolly owns her property, it seems like she might still be using it many years later. It's even more amazing that she didn't really talk about it until Andy asked. Many are pointing out that this is just Dolly. Another thing to mention about Whitney and Dolly: During a Q&A segment with fans, one person inquired if Dolly had ever planned to perform 'I Will Always" alongside Whitney. Very good question, as Andy notes. The answer is stunning and annoying, if you are a fan of either artist. Dolly says, "No, because NO ONE ASKED ME TO DO IT." She also said that Whitney would have happily sung the song with her if she had approached her. What a wasted opportunity! What do you think?


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