Thea Ruth White, Voice of Muriel on 'Courage the Cowardly Dog,' Dead at 81

Thea Ruth White, the voice of Muriel in "Courage the Cowardly Dog", has passed away. Her family shared her sad news over the weekend. She had died Friday after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from her liver. Brad Zitzner, her nephew, said that she contracted an infection shortly afterwards. She fought valiantly, but she lost her fight to cancer. John, her brother, posted a video of Thea asking for well wishes from fans. He said it would help her recover. It appeared that she was speaking in Muriel's voice from Cartoon Network, which is where she is most well-known. Waiting to get your permission before loading the Facebook video. John uploaded another video to Facebook. This seemed to suggest that Thea is dealing with this issue for some time. Thea had gone in for initial surgery about a week ago. He has a video of her speaking after that procedure. Her nephew wrote, "Thanks Feefer to your leadership of my family. Your role with my children and your entire family is irreplaceable. There are hundreds of tributes online to your love. Brad says, "You loved life. Even though I know the end result, I love your decision that you want to take it on and try to win." Thea didn't get into acting until much later in her life. Her first major role was probably on 'CTCD', where she starred for four seasons. She has also been a guest star on shows like "Pecola", and "Scooby Doo"... but she seems to have remained faithful to Muriel in many forms. She was 81.


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