ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Had Tough Time Performing Weeks Before Death

Watch video content at TMZ.comThis is Dusty Hill's last performance with ZZ Top before his death. You can see that something's not right.TMZ got this video from ZZ Top's final concert with Dusty, July 18, at the Iroquois Amphitheater Louisville, KY. He clearly has a hard time performing in what would be his last gig.As you can see Dusty is playing the bass while he sits on a large speaker. We're told that he sat like this throughout the show and couldn't move on his own.ZZ Top announced that Dusty would be returning to Texas a few days later after the video was posted. This was due to a hip issue.According to Dusty's close friend, TMZ was told by a source that Dusty had been dealing with so many problems lately, he had had to stop touring due to a hip injury. He went home to recuperate and that is when he died.