A killer whale stranded on rocks in Alaska was saved after a group of people spotted it and kept it wet until the tide rose

The orca was found stranded on rocks above the shoreline. Danie JayOn Tuesday, a killer whale was found stranded on Alaskan rocks just above the Alaska shoreline.A group of people saved the whale by spraying water on it until wildlife officials arrived.Six hours after the orca had been spotted on the shore, the tide rose so it could swim out to the sea.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.After a group of people kept the killer whale cool with water, a group of wildlife officials saved it from being stranded on Alaska's rugged shoreline on Thursday.Tara Neilson, a local resident, said that the orca was seen on Prince of Wales Island, off the coast of British Columbia, in the early morning. Aroon Melane was visiting her family in the area when she heard about the whale stranding and decided to help.Melane and her friend stepped in to save the whale before wildlife officials of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration arrived. The group splashed water on the whale with buckets, as it had been also injured by the rock.Melane shared a TikTok video in which she stated that the whale became more "lively" after being sprayed with water.The boat's crew anchored and were able to use the hose to spray seawater on the whale, Chance Strickland (captain of a private yacht) told The New York Times. The water kept the whale cool and also helped to keep away any other animals like birds that might have been interested in it.One group of people sprays seawater on a stranded killer Whale in Alaska. Jen Tee PhotographyStrickland stated that although he doesn't know a lot about whales, he didn't find it real stoked. "There were tears coming from its eyes."Officials finally arrived, and six hours after the whale of 20 feet was spotted, the tide rose sufficiently to allow it to swim out to sea again, a spokesperson for NOAA told The Times.According to The Times, Canadian officials claimed that the orca was a Bigg’s killer whale. Bigg's orcas, also known as West Coast transients are well-known for their ability to hunt other marine mammals.Insider has the original article.