36 Products Parent Reviewers Say Deserve More Than 5 Stars

Promising review: "My seven-year-old son, who has ADHD and night terrors, is finally able to go to sleep peacefully. He has been amazed at the impact these gummies had on his life. He needs only one, and in 30 minutes he is asking for his bed. Before this, bedtime was complicated. He had to brush his teeth, read books, listen to soothing music, or listen to children's meditation stories. He would have night terrors, wake up screaming and jumping from one room to another until he fell asleep. He and his younger brother would be protected by my dad until the problem subsided. It was terrible. My son came to me last week and asked if there was anything that could help him sleep. So, we bought these. I am in complete amazement. He is getting the best sleep of all his lives, and so are others. He goes to bed on a regular schedule and wakes up refreshed after a good night of sleep. Although this child is strongly opposed to any type of medication, he seems relieved that he can get to sleep without having to endure a two-hour battle with boredom and then crazed lunacy at night. If I could rate this product 10, I would. "Kim R. BilbreyPromising review: "This is an amazing product!" It is safe for children 3 years and older, and it is allergen-free and delicious! My son struggles to fall asleep at night. I gave him the first one last night. He fell asleep in 20 minutes. He woke up feeling refreshed and happy this morning. Zarbees products are great, but I had never tried the gummies. 5 PLUS STARS "Brittany WarnerIt's available on Amazon for $13.50 and comes in two flavors as well as three sizes.