The TikTok star wounded in a California movie theater shooting has died of his injuries

Goodrich's father stated that the pair were on their first date since they met at a Fourth of July celebration the night before. Anthony Barajas and TikTok/RyleeGoodrich, FacebookThis week, the TikTok star was injured in a theater shooting and has now died.Anthony Barajas (19) was killed while watching a movie with Rylee Goodrich, his girlfriend.Police say they have arrested the suspect but don't know why.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.The Corona Police Department announced that Anthony Barajas, TikTok's star, has died following a shooting at a California theater.After being shot on July 26, Barajas was placed on life support. The 19-year old was killed while watching "Forever Purge" at an evening screening with Rylee Goodrich (18). Rylee died on the spot.One suspect was arrested by police, Joseph Jimenez (20 years old). In a statement, they stated that they were working with local prosecutors to add another count of first-degree killing against him. Jimenez is also facing a robbery case and is being held on $2million bail, police stated.According to police, there was no motive and the shooting "appears unprovoked."Even though the shooting was not noticed until the film finished, staff found Barajas & Goodrich as they cleaned the theater. CBS Los Angeles was told by one employee that they had not heard any gunshots while the movie was being shown.David Goodrich, Goodrich's father, said to the Daily Mail that his daughter "never even had the chance" and died instantly after a bullet hit her back.David Goodrich said that Barajas survived the initial shooting because he turned his head after hearing the second shot. He said that the second bullet passed through Barajas eye.David Goodrich claimed that his daughter was on her first date with Barajas. Barajas is a Los Angeles resident who has nearly 1,000,000 followers on TikTok."I could see that she loved this boy. He really, really loved her. He said that she was so happy.Continue the storyBoth the Barajas and Goodrich families have created GoFundMe pages to help with funeral and medical expenses.According to police, Jimenez was arrested after they served a warrant at his residence. They found a firearm that matches the one used in the shooting. They also found "additional information" related to the crime scene.Insider has the original article.