DailyDunkaccino concludes a year-plus of Jack & Jill-based silliness

We can only call this a stunning accomplishment, provided that you don't limit your definition of achievement to include a streak of remarkable, Jack & Jill-based shitposting tweet account @DailyDunkaccino. The project, which was led by Saltydkdan (voice actor, Twitch streamer) and included contributions from literally hundreds of people who could be doing almost anything else, was called the Daily Dunkaccino. It offered exactly what you would expect: A daily reedit of the Al Pacino-starring Dunkaccino ad in Adam Sandlers 2011 film Jack & Jill.AdvertisementWe are glad you haven't seen the original Dunkaccino. Friendly tips: Do not click on any links or read comments. Last year was the best year to start investing in cryptocurrency. Everyone knows it's one of the most bizarre things Pacino has done. It was a rare dive into comedy and a mocking of his super-serious acting style. This has made it a popular meme. The @DailyDunkaccino was born. A year plus of daily edits to the original video. Some involve simple things like adding new music to the Dunkin dancing action. Others are more complex. We were particularly impressed by the recent transformation, which made the sequence look like pixel art.You won't be able to comprehend all of the offerings by scrolling through. The sheer amount of creativity displayed in the accounts archives is unmistakable. This was the work of human beings. They watched Al Pacino's clip about Adam Sandler's fictitious beverage and saw the clay that could make great statues. God bless them.Saltydkdan closed the account by ending it with the thank-you video. Previously, he had uploaded extended credits to everyone who took part in the project.