TikTok Star Anthony Barajas Has Died After He And A Woman Were Shot At A

The 19-year old died after being shot by a California man at a movie screening of The Forever Purge. Another 18-year-old girl was also killed. According to the Corona Police Department, Anthony Barajas was a popular TikToker aged 19 who died on Saturday morning after he and his date were filmed at a California movie screening. Rylee Goodrich (18-year-old) died at the scene from injuries sustained while watching the movie with Barajas. Barajas had almost one million followers on @itsanthonymichael's TikTok account. He was on life support since Monday’s shooting. Police have described it as an "unprovoked attack." Corona Police Department Joseph Jimenez On Tuesday, Joseph Jimenez (20 years old) was arrested by police. Police recovered from his home a firearm that was identical to the one used in the shooting. He was charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery and was being held in a $2 million bail. The Corona Police Department stated that it was working with the District Attorney's Office to add a second count of first-degree killing against Jimenez after Barajas's death. According to police, there is no motive for the attack and witnesses have provided evidence. Barajas, Goodrich and others were at the Crossings mall near Corona to watch The Forever Purge at 9:35 on Monday night. At a press conference, police told reporters that six tickets had been sold to the screening. The Purge is a dystopian horror movie series that features murder and violent crime. This film is the fifth in The Purge's franchise. At 11:45 p.m. police responded to a call and found Barajas as well as Goodrich with multiple gunshot wounds. Goodrich died at the scene from her injuries, while Barajas was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. GoFundMe / Via gofundme.com Rylee Goodrich Police are asking for tips and assistance from anyone who was in the theater, at another theater or in the shopping center at time of shooting. As of Saturday, two separate GoFundMe campaigns have raised over $60,000 for Goodrich and Barajas. Rylee's loss has caused sorrow that cannot be expressed in words. Goodrich's GoFundMe page said that her kindness and gentle spirit will always be remembered. The fundraiser for Barajas stated that Anthony was "the light in so many people's lives" and that there were difficult times ahead. Barajas' social media pages were flooded with tributes and prayers from well-wishers and fans. One friend posted on Instagram that "Ill always remember anthony" as someone who went above and beyond to ensure others were welcome. "He was one of the most kind and generous people I have ever met in la. It's very rare to find such a person." Goodrich, who was the owner and operator of a lash extension business, had been awarded a scholarship to Grand Canyon University's STEM program. Family members said that she was returning home from the summer to visit her family when she was shot and killed.