Bill Belichick reiterates that Cam Newton is New England Patriots' starting QB, but will evaluate 'whole situation'

FOXBOROUGH (Mass.) New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick stated Saturday that Cam Newton will be the team's starting quarterback. He repeated what he said in April when they drafted Mac Jones in their first round draft. However, he also mentioned that it is possible that things could change in the event that Newton fails to train camp. Belichick stated, "We'll look at the entire situation." "I don’t believe you should evaluate players at any position based on one or two plays or even a single day. That's why consistency is so important. Production is also important. So I hope these things are good. It will likely be difficult to make a decision. "We'll watch how it goes. Let them play and we'll do our best to make sure they have a good time. Belichick refused to answer the question when asked when he would name a starter for the regular season. He answered, "No." "It's Cam who is our starting quarterback. "I think I've already said that." Belichick appeared to be saying that Newton won't experience a significant drop-off so he will be in center when the team hosts Miami Dolphins in their regular-season opener Sept. 12. This is in keeping with his comments from the beginning of training camp, when he stated that all players, even the quarterbacks, have a clean slate to work towards their spots. "That's correct, everyone starts from scratch. He said that the same applies to many other players. It applies to the entire team. This doesn't apply to just one person or position. Newton was able to complete all four of the highest repetitions through training camp, closely followed by Jones. Newton stated Friday that he sees it as a contest. He said, "Ever since my arrival here, there has been a competition for the quarterback position." "I believe, in essence that's what the Patriot Way is." Every position has competition, and the quarterback is no exception."


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