TikToker Anthony Barajas Dies on Life Support After Fatal Theater Shooting

TikToker Anthony Barrajas, a TikToker, has passed away a few days following being shot in a theater and his date being killed.He died Saturday morning at a hospital. The social media influencer was on life support since Monday when he was shot in his eye by Joseph Jimenez, who authorities believe is responsible for multiple charges.Rylee Goodrich (18 years old) was Anthony's date. She was also shot in the head and died immediately. The shooting took place at Corona's theater. Police say that it was unprovoked and the suspect seems to have no connection with Anthony or Rylee.Jimenez was facing murder, attempted murder and robbery charges. This is after police claim that he stole Rylee’s wallet after shooting her down. The charges against Anthony will likely be increased to include two murder counts after Anthony's death.Rylee's father described the details of the date. It was reported that Rylee had met the TikToker on 4th July weekend. Rylee then began to warm up to him and she said she was happy to go on the date.Anthony was only 19.