A cruise passenger who assaulted two men during a drunken brawl at a buffet was sentenced to 21 months in jail

Paul Evans. Hampshire ConstabularyAfter a brawl aboard a P&O cruise, a UK man was sentenced to 21 month imprisonmentMailOnline reported that Paul Evans, an ex-stockbroker and financial advisor, was sentenced Thursday.His wife, a YouTube interviewer and YouTube host, received a suspended sentence.MailOnline reported that a former stockbroker was sentenced to 21-months in prison for attacking two cruise passengers at a late-night buffet aboard the vessel.Paul Evans, 45, and Tabatha Young (43), became angry after another family boarded the P&O's Royal Britannia vessel requested that the couple stop swearing at their children while they ate, according to the report.According to the report, Evans attacked the husband of the woman and another passenger during an altercation.According to Metro, Evans was intoxicated and punched and kicked men like he was "taking a punishment."According to the report, Young, a YouTube personality who interviews fighters, was also involved.The ship was on its way to Southampton, UK from Bergen (Norway) on July 26, 2019. Metro was told by a spokesperson for P&O Cruises that disruptive behavior will not be tolerated aboard their ships.Evans, a Clayhill resident, was charged with assault causing actual bodily injury. According to reports, Evans claimed he was acting in self defense. However, a Southampton Crown Court judge ruled that there was no need for defensive force.MailOnline reported that Young pleaded guilty for causing bodily harm. She cried when she received a nine-month sentence. Young was required to perform 180 hours of community service.Metro spoke with Detective Constable Lisa Robins, who stated that no one should be able to tolerate abusive or inappropriate language.She added that "having a few beers does not excuse criminal behaviour in any setting."Business Insider has the original article.