A Tesla customer says the company hiked his Solar Roof price by about 40%, calling the increase a 'corporate decision,' according to a lawsuit

Installing a Tesla Solar roof in Austin, Texas. Brookfield ResidentialCalifornian man sued Tesla for raising his price several times.According to the class-action complaint, a Tesla representative told the man that a 41% price increase was a "corporate decision".The roofing project cost $64,735 was raised to $95,107, but the complaint stated that it was then reduced.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.California Tesla customer said that the company had raised the price for Solar Roof projects several times after he signed a contract.Babek Malek's lawsuit claims that the 41% first price rise was a "corporate decision". The suit referred to the actions of the company as a "bait-and-switch."Malek, a West Hills resident, filed the lawsuit this month. This is in addition to several other federal class-action lawsuits filed in California or Pennsylvania over price changes for Solar Roof. All of the lawsuits claimed that Tesla raised prices after customers signed contracts. California Judge was to decide if any of the lawsuits would be combined in a single class action lawsuit.Malek's contract details were similar to those of other homeowners.Malek said that he signed a $64,735 contract in January to have a Solar Roof installed onto his 3,615-square foot roof.According to Malek's complaint, Tesla raised Malek’s contract price on its website in April by 41% to $91,400.The lawsuit stated that "[Malek] tried many times to contact Tesla project advisors to no avail." "He finally managed to get in touch with one advisor who provided no explanation for the increase in contract price except that of a corporate decision."According to the complaint, Tesla raised the contract price to $95,107 in June. This is 47% more than the original contract.According to the complaint, Tesla reduced the expected electricity output for Malek's Solar Roof in July and also decreased its price to $90 367.44.Continue the storyTesla did not respond to our request for comment. Malek's lawyers also did not respond to a request.Malek filed a suit seeking class-action status, just like previous complaints about Solar Roof pricing. Malek opted out in June of the arbitration agreement in the new contract, according to the suit.According to the lawsuit, Tesla was accused of violating the Truth in Lending Act, its contract and other California laws.Malek complained that many customers waited for months before they were presented with a more expensive contract. This set a new timetable for their installation.Business Insider has the original article.