Britney Spears Says She's Not Afraid to Light Matches and Burn Bridges

Britney Spears is telegraphing an important message. She's done with almost everyone in her conservatorship, directly or indirectly.Britney shared a simple message with her fans: "If standing for yourself burns bridges, I have matches." This clearly refers to breaking up relationships, which she has been doing with laser-focus in recent times. She's not only pursuing Jamie her father, but she's also focusing on her mother and sister.It seems that her message is that she doesn't mind to endanger relationships she feels have been detrimental over the years.We are waiting for your permission to load Instagram Media.Britney also shared photos from her recent trip to Maui and talked about the "little things" that she loves. She seems to have Maui as her favorite place, having been there many times over the years. This photo shows her cocktail of choice, which she appears to have been served by BF Sam Asghari.We are waiting for your permission to load Instagram Media.Another topless video was also uploaded by her.She posted an image of a statue depicting a rare white owl. A beautiful, two-year-old boy with blonde hair and white eyes cried at his mother before I saw it. He wanted his drink with straws. It was so adorable that it reminded me of my boys.