J Lo & Ben Kiss on a Dock in Naples Italy

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continued the "2021 We’re Super in Love” tour on Saturday. They packed the PDA along with the Mediterranean.Ben and J Lo were again all over each others as they smooched on a dock in Naples.They have been on a superyacht worth multi-millions of dollars for the past week, cruising along the South Coast of France and Italy. They will spend around $1.1 million for a week on the yacht. This is serious.A-Rod has also been yachting in Med, sometimes in the same area with Ben and Jen. We can confirm that there has been no interaction between them.They have been playing with photogs since their reunification and they are down with all the PDA photos. This is a major shift in Ben's mindset. He's not one to play to the cameras. But that was back in the day.It's hard to know when reality will return, but it appears they have a plan in place for L.A. She has already mapped out schools for her children.