Doorbell video shows 'amateurish' hitman disguised as an Amazon driver fighting with father who opened the door

Vincente Forde disguised his identity as an Amazon delivery driver and wore a high-vis jacket while carrying an empty package. Metropolitan PoliceAn unidentified British man disguised himself to be an Amazon driver and wore a high-vis jacket while carrying an empty box.Footage shows him revealing his loaded gun, before being shoved back by his victim.The false delivery driver was sentenced to six years and nine month imprisonmentFor more stories, visit Insider's homepage.BBC News reports that a British man disguised himself as an Amazon driver to terrorize an innocent victim was jailed.According to the media outlet, Vincente Forde (32), arrived in south London wearing a high-vis jacket, and carrying an empty Amazon box.According to BBC News, he was carrying a loaded and sawn-off shotgun, which he pointed at Rashid Ben-Mhamedi who then opened the door.On a doorbell camera, Forde charges at his victim while Ben-Mhamedi fights back.Forde can often be seen punching Ben-Mhamedi repeatedly and, according BBC News, breaking his victim's nose.Continue reading: I am an Amazon delivery driver and have had to urinate in water bottles while eating lunch in my van. I dislike the new surveillance cameras. It makes me feel like I'm being constantly watched.According to the media outlet, Ben-Mhamedi, who was at home caring for his seven-year-old girl, managed to grab Forde's shotgun and throw it under a nearby vehicle. According to the Evening Standard, Forde was then restrained by nearby construction workers.BBC News reported that the weapon was later recovered by police. It had two live cartridges.Forde was sentenced to six-years and nine months imprisonment.Forde wrote to Croydon Crown Court that he was "sick to stomach" because of what he did for his victim.He pleaded guilty for possessing a firearm with the intent to cause fear, possession of prohibited weapons, and possession by a person prohibited.Continue the storyMatthew Bagnall, his lawyer, stated that the attack was "amateurish" because Forde was instructed by a drug gang to organize the attack, according to the Evening Standard."This attack was completely unprovoked on an innocent householder. Andrew Caird, Crown Prosecution Service, stated that the victim had simply opened his front door in order to retrieve what he believed was a delivery.Caird said, "Given the shotgun had already been loaded it is incredibly fortunate that nobody was killed."Insider has the original article.