Olympics 2021: Novak Djokovic denied bronze vs. Spain's Pablo Carreno Busta, throws racket

TOKYO -- Novak Djokovic arrived at the Tokyo Olympics with the goal of winning a Golden Slam. He will leave without a medal, and will need to rest after a performance that was not up to his expectations in extreme conditions.Djokovic, the top-ranked player, lost his cool and used his racket many times in a 6-4 loss to Pablo Carreno Busta, Spain, in the bronze-medal match at the tennis tournament.Olympics medal tracker | ScheduleDjokovic suffered his third defeat in just two days. It came less than 24 hours following his defeat by Alexander Zverev, of Germany, in the singles semifinals. Djokovic's bid for a Golden Slam was over. He had won all four Grand Slam titles as well as Olympic gold that year."I didn't deliver yesterday or today. The level of tennis has dropped. Djokovic also stated that the drop in tennis was due to exhaustion, both mentally and physically. "I gave it my all, everything I had in the tank, but not enough.He was scheduled to return on Saturday, for the final match in Tokyo. For the bronze medal in mixed-doubles, he and his Serbian partner Nina Stojanovic were to take on Ash Barty (Australia) and John Peers (Australia). Djokovic pulled out of the match due to a left shoulder injury. Australia received the bronze medal."I'm sorry Nina that I wasn't able to play but my body just gave out," Djokovic stated, adding that he has suffered "several" injuries. "I played under medications, incredible pain and exhaustion.In total, he played 16 sets in seven matches over four days.Djokovic was clearly frustrated by his on-court behavior during the Carreno Busta match.After saving a match point in tiebreaker 2, Djokovic threw the racket over five rows into the stands. He couldn't reach a Carreno Busta stop-volley winner to end a long rally in game 1.After Carreno Busta had taken control of the decisive set with a broken serve, Djokovic lost his cool again and crashed his racket into a net post in a sudden change of ends. Djokovic then took the racket out of his hands and tossed it in the pit for photographers.Djokovic stated, "It's part, I guess, of who I am." I don't enjoy doing these things. "I'm sorry to send this message. But we all are human beings, and sometimes it can be difficult to control our emotions.Djokovic was given a verbal warning about the net-post incident. However, Carreno Busta seemed to ask the chair umpire why there wasn't a penalty for this second racket abuse case. However, the umpire hadn't warned Djokovic about the first incident.It's been hot at Ariake Tennis Park for almost the entire week. The temperature reached 90 degrees F (32° C) and the humidity was so high that it felt like 100 degrees F (33.8 degrees C).Djokovic, Carreno Busta and both Carreno Busta placed ice bags on the necks of their changeovers. Djokovic also took a rubber tube that blows cool air and stuck it to his shirt.Carreno Busta won't be able to receive his bronze medal until Sunday, when Zverev will take on Karen Khachanov, a Russian player. This was, naturally, the match Djokovic expected to play in.Djokovic won the Australian Open and Wimbledon this season. He also needed the US Open title and the Olympic titles to complete his Golden Slam collection.Steffi Graf, 1988 remains the only tennis player who has achieved the Golden Slam. Djokovic still has the opportunity to win the US Open, a calendar-year Grand Slam. This feat is unmatched since Rod Laver's 1969 achievement.In less than a month, the US Open will begin.Djokovic stated that he hoped his efforts in Tokyo wouldn't "create [a] problem" for him at the US Open. Djokovic then said, "That's something I'm still not sure about right at the moment."Djokovic has had trouble controlling his temper in the past. He was disqualified from last years US Open after accidentally hitting a line judge with a ball during a fourth round match against Carreno Bustia.Carreno Busta reached the semifinals at the US Open, his best result at a major.Carreno Busta, now 11th in the rankings, has won an Olympic gold for another breakthrough moment. He fell onto his back near the Olympic rings printed on court after Djokovic had scored a forehand against the Spaniard's sixth match-point.Djokovic's sole Olympic medal is a bronze in singles, which he won in 2008 -- his first Olympics.Djokovic stated that he doesn't regret going to the Olympics. "Everything happens for reasons, and I've had some heartbreaking losses at Olympic Games and big tournaments during my career. I also know that these losses have made me stronger.Djokovic, 34 years old, said that he would "keep going" through the Paris Olympics in three years.He said, "I know I will bounce back." "I will fight for my country in order to win medals."